Tropical Paradise
Also will post a link of my favourites when I return to the homeland.


Will post as much as I can but I’m using my phone and Ipad because I’m on vacay and am tres busy.
Hey! I just wanted to let you know how much I adore your blog! Love it Hun! Xx

Aw thank you so much! I really appreciate it!! x

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Hey:-) I've just started my tropical blog and I'm really inspired by yours! Take care sweetie<3

Wow this makes me really happy! I’m glad my blog inspires you!! Thanks for liking mine! x

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is there any way you could recommend me some good tropical/beach blogs? I just started this beach blog and I'm looking for some good ones to follow!

Absolutely! Here are some of my fave tropicals :

  • zonetimes
  • kangaroo-k-i-d
  • lacelephants
  • guava-rivers
  • oceantropics

Love all of those! 

This post has got me thinking would people be interested in a favourite blogs tab on my page? Like this if yes or send me a message or something! 

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Your blog is amaze balls. Just thought if let you know

Well this was awesome. Thanks a lot! 

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Check out my blog? I'm new to tumblr 😊

I like it! 

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