Tropical Paradise
Heyy :) I made a Tropical/fresh side blog, would you mind checking it out ? :3 it's vrai-x(.)tumblr(.)com thanks xx ps : you're in my favorite page !

Thanks a lot mate. Followed the tropical x

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blog is most beautiful,i like them,i following you :))

Apparently you’re not following me?

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Love your blog so so much! Check ou mine? xx

You’re not even following me? Rude.x

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Promo? I follow back 100%! I love your blog❤️

I don’t really promo people and I don’t really respect people that “follow back 100%” because what’s the point in following shit blogs just so that they’ll follow you?

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Still don’t know what this means? x

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Hey,could you plz check out my blog, thanks! :) xx

This seems like a reasonable request seeing as your not following me, aren’t a similar style to me and said nothing about my blog in this post, 

Nice one mate. x

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ur blog just so adorable , followback maybe ? :)

Thank you! I don’t “followback” I’ll check out your blog and if I like it I’ll follow x

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ahh i love your blog :) mind checking mine out? xx

Aw thanks mate. Yours is great, followed xx

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That’s absolutely insane?! I love each and every one of you!!!

Hwy guys, so I uploaded my new youtube video a couple of says ago! Go check it out and let me know what you think!