Tropical Paradise
I m following you :)

Got ya!! I’m so down with the lingo! #awkward!! Thanks for clearing it up though! And thanks for following!! 

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hi! i just wanted to say you are so pretty :) that selfie you took - the one you described as wearing the 'trampy top' - is really beautiful :)

IS this real life? Thank you so much! You literally do not know what this message means to me!! I love you lots! No more Anon — I wan’t to make friends with you!! 

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not really a question at all but I just want to say that i really love your blog and I'm SOOO happy I came across it (:

Well this is lovely!! Thank you so much! x

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That’s absolutely insane?! I love each and every one of you!!!

Hwy guys, so I uploaded my new youtube video a couple of says ago! Go check it out and let me know what you think!